Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Second sing-along

We sang Takin' Care of Business.

We noticed:
-going to work reminds us of going to school
-we were able to visualize what was happening
-you can buy a second hand guitar and be successful
-people pushin', people shovin'
-going to your slave job to get your pay means you go to work and it's really hard
-the first part and the second part of the song are really different
-in the first part of the song, we know the person is slaving at their job just for money, they don't like their job
-in the second part of the song, the singer is trying to influence the listener (look at me, I'm self employed)
-just a-layin' in the sun is far away from slavin' away


  1. I'm glad we are doing this music thing, I'm enjoying it!!


  2. I agree with Fiona! I'm also glad it's only Canadian songs!

    -Olivia (Tiiu's Class)

  3. It's so good to see all of us sitting together as a community! I think it is a really good way to come together and share our ideas. I hope we can do more activities together in the near future.

  4. yes! nice one Malika! well said:-) when we were doing the neil young song and everyone was smiling away and whipping their hair, i felt that too.

  5. Its really nice for us to all get together as a school community
    and sing again! I love the songs we've shared so far and I cant wait to present my classes once we have one!
    - Ella JC

  6. I love getting together and getting away from the pressures of being a student (ie. homework, math etc.) and just singing as a community. Singing could bring the world together. No lie. It's just super fun. I hope everyone is enjoying this experience especially the grade sixes. We started late, but we can finish like we've been practicing all year. Go Team Churchill!